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Name:    Clara Louise Carter-Turpin 
Address: 151 Custom Sawmill Road
                 Mountain Rest,  SC 29664


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 Retired from: James M. Brown Elementary
Marital status: Married 59 years
Spouse's name: Morris B. Turpin

Children: Patsy age 50
                  Becky age 46
                  Tom   age 44
Grandchildren:Kari 21 years
                   Carter 12 years
                    John Thomas 10 years
                    Jackson 9 years
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: 13 years (retook English)

What have you been doing since high school? : Worked 10 years at Walhalla  Garment Plant
                      Worked with School District until I retired in 2001.  Worked part time 5 years and retired again.
Places you have lived or traveled to:
Born on Whestone; have only moved 3 times in the community.  Have lived in this house for 50 years. 
Memorable or funny incident from high school:  Learning to drive a car in 1959.