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Name:    Gayle Griffin
Address: 808 West Main St
                 Walhalla,  SC 29691


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 Retired from: Teaching
Marital status: Divorced 
Spouse's name: 
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: yes
What have you been doing since high school? : Went off to collage - first Virginia Intermont (girls school)next
          East Tennessee State (BS) and later to Clemson (MA).  Spent 35 years in education - taught mainly elementarly
          grades with exception of a year as a guidance counselor.
Places you have lived or traveled to:
 Bristol, Va; Johnson City, Tenn; Roanoke Rapids, NC; NY City; Washington D.C.; Seneca and Walhalla.
Travel: Canada, England, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany
Memorable or funny incident from high school: In Miss Beaden's English class the boys would leave class by going out
          the windows while she wrote on the Chalk Board.
          Another: Several boys blocked the door with a heavy radiator when Miss McDaniel tried to open it to get into her -
          classroom - Algebra - now you know why I've never been good in Math. 


Scenery at Stumphouse Mountain Park
Photos by Gayle Griffin