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Name:    Mary Norma Whitten-Barnes
Address: 102 Holmes Blvd
                Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-4205

Home Phone: (write or e-mail for phone number)
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E-mail address:
Occupation : Retired
Retired from: From the greatest profession ever...Teaching
         40 Years                
Marital status: Married
Spouse's name: Buddy Barnes

Children: Tony Barnes - 50
                  Trish Barnes - 49
                  Carlysle Barnes - 42
Charles Wayne Sasser, Jr - 20
                   Whitten Carlysle Barnes  - 17
                   Patrick Sasser  - 16
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: 12 years 
What have you been doing since high school? : I graduated from college (BS); Masters Degree (MA)
                   Since retirement I have joined a choir, handbells at church - Help with grandsons and attend
                   all activities they are participating.  Volunteer with American Red Cross at Eglin AFB Hospital
                   in the Radiology and Oncology clinics.  Work out at gym 6 days a week.  Help friends when
Places you have lived or traveled to:
 Casa Grande, Arzona; Bitburg, Germany; and Fort Walton Beach
Travel: Holland, New York, Switzerland, Germany, England, England, Washington DC, California, Nevada,
              Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina.  
Memorable or funny incident from high school: When we were in New York Rose, Carrie, Gayle, Betty E. Peggy
              and I were walking down the street (white dresses) and Donald Henry thew ink on Rose's dress - of course,
              the ink was the disappearing kind - what fun.
              A group of boys put a radiator and blocked Ms. McDaniel's chair at her desk.  Mr. Stoudemire came and
              told us we would be suspended if we did not rat and say who did it.  Finally, someone admitted it.
              2nd Grade: We were doing a play for Mrs. Hughes.  Gayle had to sing with Jim Pettus, Mairzy Doats,
              Doalzy Doats - Gayle was not a happy camper and we laughed about the play.
Update - March, 2013
               Sebsequent to the posting of the above information, Mary Norma Whitten-Barnes received recogition for her charity work at
               Eglin Hospital.  The below article appeared in the (Eglin Daily News - ?).
                                                  Volunteer Gives Cancer Patient Tender Loving Care (TLC)
                                                                 By Angel McCurdy 
EGLIN AFB - Mary Barnes once thought she knew a lot.  The  76-year-old said her opinion changed 13 ago when she began volunteering 
for the oncology department at Eglin Hospital.
"I had to leave the room when there was something unpleasant," Barnes said of when she started.  "I'm at a place now where I have to be
strong for these patients."
The retired schoolteacher said she started volunteering in radiology, but when a need came for the oncology department, she transferred.
Now she goes at least once a week.
"A lot of patients, I feel, need TLC," Barnes said.  "A smile can help them be positive about everything.  I'll just hold their hand, get them a
blanket or just sit and talk with them."
Barnes said through her years she has seen patients at their best and at their worst --sometimes willing to take on the world, sometimes
right after hearingthe chemo isn't working.
She said her strength comes from sheer necessity.  "Once I get in my car, that's when it comes our and I cry all the way home," she said.  Barnes gives credit to the
doctors and nurses.  She said their devotion inspires volunteers and patients to keep looking forward.
"The patients know that they are loved and thought of every day," Barnes said, her eyes tearing up. "They are not another bump on a log.  They matter".