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54th Year Reunion

Letters have gone out to the members of the Class of 1959 announcing our get-together for this year, our 54th.  This time we'll be at Oconee State Park. Lots of memories there - swimming, sun-bathing, buck dancing on Friday nights, I even went to FHA Camp one year not far from there and we spent part of every day at the State Park.  
Since I've left Walhalla, trips to the Park have been infrequent - only to a few Shook Family reunions, a wedding, and a drive through the Park with my Uncle Leo many years ago.  So for me, a return to the park will be a revisiting of old memories and a time to make a new memory of our time there this year.  I did go there several weeks ago to look over the building and grounds to plan out our party.  And I took some pictures - hope this will stir your interest in coming.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! Dress casually, comfortably, and don't forget your camera!

Oh - I almost forgot - there will be a surprise this year!  
Joyce Keown Smith 
Joyce Smith,
Apr 1, 2014, 9:06 PM