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Name: Michael K. Davis
Big Canoe, GA 30143

Personal Website:


Nick name: mockingdoe

Home Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Cell Phone:

Occupation (if working): Retired (H & R Block during tax season)

Business Address:
Business Phone:

Retired from: Consulting Services, Inc
          Born Informationan Services

Marital Status: Married - 40+ years
Spouse’s Name:

Name & ages of children:
Names & ages of grandchildren
6 grandchildren

Attended Walhalla High School 12 grades: No - through 11th grade

What have you been doing since high school?
Graduated GA Tech 1964; worked in textiles 3 years; worked as data processing consultant 30+ years; CFO of Consulting Services, Inc.

Places you’ve lived or traveled to:
Lived - Alabama; Atlanta, GA; Big Canoe, GA

Traveled - St Crox, VI; Sctoland; England; France; Hawaii

Hobbies: Art (Oil, Watercolor, Chinese Brush); hiking; martial arts; endurance training

Memorable or funny incident from high school:
Getting caught in a watermelon patch (not really funny)

Additional information:

E-mail address:,
Do you have access to the Internet?  yes
Do you own a computer? yes
Operating system? Vista and System 7
Browser? Internet Explorer, Chrome
Ancillary equipment?  Printer, scanner
How do you use your computer?

Email? yes
Word processing? yes, Microsoft Word
Social Networking?
FaceBook? As little as possible
Twitter? Less than FaceBook
Linkedin? yes
Do you store and manipulate images and/or photographs? yes, using PhotoShop
How comfortable are you with using (surfing) the Internet?  I am OK
Do you wish to improve your computer literacy?  
When you quite learning; you die.
Do you mind having your image and/or comments published to the Internet?  It’s OK