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Frady, Bill


Nick name: Sally (aka, long tall Sally)

Occupation (if working):

Retired from: Frady Freight Services

Marital Status: Married -
Spouse’s Name:

Name & ages of children:
Names & ages of grandchildren
6 grandchildren

Attended Walhalla High School 12 grades: Yes

What have you been doing since high school?

Places you’ve lived or traveled to:
Lived - Walhalla, SC


Memorable or funny incident from high school:

Additional information:


A very sad day in our class history - we lost our big brother and best friend, Bill Frady. Bill left us on December 13th, 2014. We miss him so much and send our heartfelt sympathy to Judy and the family. 

Bill was an "anchor" as Bill Cargill described him. He was always there, always willing to do what was needed for the class. He supported Berry Nichols and me totally as we began to put together the 50th year class party. I remember telling the committee one day that I still had to punch holes in the directory books that were about 62 pages thick (I was making 60 books). I was on a deadline and had to get it done. When Bill understood that I was going to do it by hand, he said "You are not doing that! How much does that cost for the printer to do it? I told him and he and Leon Mason said, "We'll pay for it!"  And so they did.  I don't think he ever knew how much that meant to me. Our class had no money but by his example, others started pitching in, including one classmate who donated a large sum so the directory could be finished by the date of the 50th year reunion. 

He was one I could call and ask "What do you think?" and what he always said was always what needed to be said. I'll miss you so much, Brother, you were one of a kind and can't be replaced.
It was heartwarming to see how many people (including classmawared threeates) showed up at the service for Bill - an example of how many lives Bill had touched in some way. 

Rest easy, Bill, you've earned it....
 Joyce Keown Smith (Judy)


Little known by most people Bill was awared three block "W" for high school sport partisipation.  I know of no other athelete who acoomplished this feat.  He lettered in football, basketball, and track.  In track BIll was a high-jumper.  He went to Track Meets mostly by himself representing Walhalla High. In football Bill played left tackel and when I play I was at left half-back.  I often thanked Bill for blocking for me.   Bill was an all around person, a friend and I miss him. 

God bless,
Mike Davis