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Name:     Nancy Barker-DuPree
Address:  2816 Shannon Drive
                  Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Home Phone: (w
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E-mail address:
Occupation (if working):  Librarian (Curator of the A.S. Williams III Americana Collection) 
                                            University of Alabama Libraries  
Marital status: Married
Spouse's name: Robert H. DuPree
Names & ages - children:  Mary Helen DuPree
Names & ages - grandchildren: none (unfortunately)
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: Yes
What have you been doing since high school? : I graduated from Furman University in 1964 and married my
            husband that year; we went to graduate school together at Auburn University and I got an M.A. in 1967 and
            a Ph.D. in 1976.  We lived in Georgia for a few years and came to Tuscaloosa in 1978.  Robert worked for 
            Stillman College until his retirement and I am  still working at the University.  (I taught English for several
            years and then got a library degree and have worked for the library since the late 1980's).   Our daughter
            Mary Helen was born in Georgia.  She got a Ph.D. in German from Columbia and now teaches in the
            Germanic Studies Department at Georgetown University, DC.
Travel: Most states and some foreign countries