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Name:    Jo Ann Jones-Brenner
Address: Williamsburg, Virginia
Retired from:  Teaching
Marital status: Happily married 46 years
Spouse's name: Bill
Names & ages - children: three
                     - grandchildren: four
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: No, sadly I had to move the middle of the eleventh grade but have always
                    considered Walhalla as where I went to high school.
What have you been doing since high school? : College, teaching, rearing three wonderful children, doting on our
                    grandchildren and having a great life.
Places you have lived or traveled to:
Moved to Virginia after college and have lived there most of my life except for three years in Ohio and three years 
            in London, England.
Traveled: Various places in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Gibraltar, Hawaii and would love to
            travel more around the United States as soon as we find time.
Memorable or funny incident from high school: Many great memories of just growing up and going to school there. 
            I guess the best thing is that I have no bad memories of Walhalla except when I had to leave and move in the middle
            of the eleventh grade!  I remember crying all the way in the car with my mother, various house plants, and a cat!  I missed
            everyone for a really long time!  Still do!  Would love to see anyone who might head up our way!