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Name:     Edward H. Ninestein, Jr
Address: PO Box 53
                 Pickens, SC 29671

Home Phone: 
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E-mail address: 


Retired from:  Social Services
Marital status: married
Spouse's name: Jane
Names & ages - children:  Andy (50) and Gretchen (45)
                     - grandchildren: Columbia (15), Mira (10), Rigil (7)
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: yes
What have you been doing since high school? :  Navy, teacher, social services administrator
Places you have lived or traveled to:
Norfork, VA; Jacksonville, Fla; Greenville, SC
Traveled: Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Cuba, US Virgin Islands
Memorable or funny incident from high school: One year in high school our class had the program for chapel.  All the boys dressed for parts  in "The Farmer Takes a Wife."  Without telling Bob Wickliffe the plan, whoever was "the rat"took Mr. Wickliffe as the "cheese."  He
 was escorted to the front of the group as we all slipped away leaving him singing, in that beautiful voice, "the cheese stands alone."
He was such a good sport and loved to entertain.  When I learned of his death, I told Jane the sad news watching her face fall.  Then  she suddenly smiled and said "But, at least we know Heaven is being entertained right now!"


  Photos of local scenic attentions submitted by Ed.   

Issaqueena Falls

Oconee State Park