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Name:  Jack Albert Pell
Address:  3501 Morlock Lane
                   Bowie, Maryland 20715
Home Phone: (write or e-mail for phone number)
E-mail address:
Occupation : Retired in 2001
Retired from: Corporate Vice President of SAIC
Marital status: Divorced
Spouse's name: Diane (Runyan) Pell
Names & ages - children:
                            Jason Scott Pell, age 42, wife Laura - two boys
                            Christie Robin (Pell) Salek, age 38, husband Mike
- two girls
                            Karen Lorraine Pell, age 32 - single, one son
                            John Andrew Pell, age 29 - single
Names & ages - grandchildren:
                      Brett Pell - age 15
                            Jarrett Pell -age 10
                            Lilly Salek - age 9
                            Jake Pell    - age 7
                            Emma Salek - age 5
Completed 12 grades at Walhalla: Grades 1 - 6 at Mountain Rest Schools; Grades 7 - 12 at Walhalla
What have you been doing since high school? : Worked in Biloxi, MS, with Patterson Communications until January, 1961:
                            Worked in Greenville, SC with Winchester Communications until February 1963: Joined the Army for a three
                            year tour - 2.5 years on civilian status at the White House Communicatios Agency in Washington, DC:
                            Went to South Vietnam with Page Communications until spring 1967: Worked for Aero Geo Astro in College
                             Park, Maryland building Gamma Ray Detectors to help prove the theory and identify "Black Holes" in Space:
                            Co-founder of Ideas, Inc. in spring 1971 - created and managed an Operating Division to support the
                            Intelligence Community, sold this Division to SAIC in 1995 and retired in 2001.
Places you have lived or traveled to:
South Carolina, Mississippi, Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, South Vietnam
Traveled: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada
Memorable or funny incident from high school: Got in trouble with "EB" for shooting marbles after the bell - Ouch!  Not funny
                                at the time.
  Webmaster Note:
        In reading about  Jack's activities after graduation from Walhalla High School we at ask if he would be willing to share more of his compelling life story.  Below find his response. 

In his own words – Jack Pell


Will tell you all that you want to know or can stomach about me at any age!!!

Your and my early years were like two separate worlds - my world was in the mountains, living just off highway 28 on the Bynum Pell dirt road which lies between the two creeks that join together to make the Chauga River! "Meger living" would not start to describe how horribly poor we were! I was the last of six kids, four of which were grown and away from home by the time my childhood memories started to gain traction. Edward, eighteen months older, seemed like my only sibling. We grew up being like twins in early childhood, then he started objecting to my very existence and everything else. He dropped out of high school and joined the Marines with Johnny Morris and a couple of others. Back to Jack - somewhere around 10th grade I woke up and started to believe I could really break the family mold and make my life different. Roy Phillips was the Electronics teacher and he grabbed my interest and really believed I could do well ... I did the hard work and latched onto electronics as a game changer. College was out of my reach (or so I thought) coming out of high school, so I worked in Biloxi MS for a very brilliant man who had his own communications company. An older brother of mine lived in Gulfport and I lived with him and worked for Patterson Communications in Biloxi. That winter I went back to SC and lived in Greenville with another brother and worked for Floyd Winchester who owned a Motorola Service Center for two- way communications. Then I joined the Army to get a microwave course I wanted to have on my resume.  After Fort Jackson Boot Camp, I went to Fort Mamouth, NJ, for that course.  With my practical (real) experience in electronics, I mastered the microwave (28 week course) class and had the highest score in the history of the class, at that time. Since I was in first place that earned me an interview with the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) where I passed the battery of tests and interviews and went to the White House fully cleared in December of 1963 to support our new president, LBJ.  As you recall, Kennedy had been assassinated the month before.  After 2.5 years working with WHCA I mustered out of the Army and went to Vietnam, as a civilian, to help put in a backbone communications system throughout South Vietnam... too much info??????? That's how I got from Mtn Rest to Washington, DC - will give you all that you want to know in future emails.