Class of 1962


50th Anniversary Gathering Class of WHS 1962

Maxie W. Duke 864-638-5200

September 10, 2012


            The Class of 1962, Walhalla High School, held its Golden Anniversary Reunion and dinner in the Reception Hall of the Old Walhalla Graded School, now functioning as the Walhalla Civic Auditorium.  About 35 of the 92 graduates attended.

            The late B. I. Wickliffe served as Principal of the High School and the late E. B. Stoudemire served as Superintendent of the Walhalla Area Schools when the class graduated.  Several former teachers were invited and attended.

            The Reception Hall, taken from two former classrooms, was gaily decorated with pictures from classmates throughout the years.  Souvenirs from the past were proudly displayed.

            Mrs. Frances Galloway Burrell, the secretary/treasurer of the class, served with a large number of classmates to pull the event together.  Other Class Officers were the Clark Wickliffe, President and Elmer Whitten, Vice-President.  A former Oconee School District official and classmate, Clarence Towe, 
paid tribute to the deceased.

            The dinner was served by Manna from Heaven, Bruce and Pat Grant.


                               Row 1: Gene Burnside, Brenda Rochester-Cantrell, Linda Rochester-Humphries, Barbara Dilworth-Wilson, Lynda Singleton-Henry

                               Row 2: Ben Vissage, Wayne Deaton, Carol Carter-Silsby, Kathleen Oakley-Crowe, Lula Grace Laye-Crowe, Betty Wilson-Stephens

                               Row 3: Grace McDowell-Baker, Annie Sue Rogers-Pitman, Peggy Brewer-Sibbett

                               Row 4: Wayne Hedden, Freda Elrod-Rogers, Cora Woodall-Addis, Barbara Thompson-Cantrell, Frances Galloway-Burrell, Billy Wilson

                               Row 5: John Ridley, Monty Hammond-Opperman, Martha Fowler-Crenshaw, Carl Mason, Robert Dilworth, Marshall Calhoun

                               Row 6: Larry Addis, Flora Marett Smalley-Rogers,  Clarence Towe, Oliver Rogers, Paul McCall, Billy Welch, Troy Williams